Meaningful resolutions for the New Year: Embracing sustainability through plastic recycling

The beginning of a new year often feels like a blank slate where we can paint our dreams and wishes and set our usual “good resolutions”. However, as time passes, we often get caught up in our daily routines, causing us to overlook or even forget the goals we have set for ourselves.

So, let’s make an important promise for 2024 to ensure that sustainability becomes a powerful guiding principle in our daily lives and not just another buzzword! At Are you R, we will continue to explore the world of plastic recycling and share the information we gather, hoping to assist environmentally-conscious consumers.

In this article, we will share some “sustainable” resolutions that everyone can implement in their daily routines. Let’s commit to a greener and cleaner planet, starting from here!

Reduce and Reuse: let’s turn packaging into a friend of recycling

The first step towards living a sustainable lifestyle is being aware of your actions. “Reduce and reuse” is one of the best approaches to tackle waste pollution.

Did you know that even the things we use in our daily routine, such as food and personal care products, can be more eco-friendly?

We should choose products with minimal packaging and prefer those made of recycled and recyclable materials. These can easily be transformed into other useful items for home organization, like various types of containers, vases, reusable boxes and bags, and pen holders!

Recyclability: a daily mission

Nowadays, it is extremely important to have a complete understanding of the potential of recyclability.

This responsibility falls not just on the manufacturers, but also on us as consumers, who can contribute to this cause by opting for items that have clear labels indicating their recyclability (such as the environmental label).

Paying attention to proper waste disposal is crucial, especially when it comes to everyday items such as bags, packaging, and food wrappers.

Educating and inspiring new generations

The key to bringing about change is to increase awareness. It is crucial to educate the younger generations about environmental issues, especially those related to plastic waste.

So, let’s learn how to use the appropriate channels: social media, blogs, and online sites are great resources to educate ourselves and reach the younger generation effectively. These tools can help spread important information about recycling. Whether it is practical tips or success stories, our aim is to inspire, inform, and educate. It’s never too late to start taking action!

Let us involve those close to us and keep a watchful eye on the recycling process

Sustainability requires a collective effort. Let’s encourage the people close to us, such as family, friends, but also neighbors and fellow citizens to actively participate in recycling actions. Let’s organize clean-up and recovery events, promote separate waste collection, and cooperate with local authorities to improve waste management infrastructure.

One example among many is to regularly check that our household waste is being collected regularly and disposed of correctly. If it is not, we should not ignore the situation but communicate it to the relevant authorities so that they can take the necessary steps to restore the service.

This is an example of how an action taken in a “local” context can have a significant impact globally!

Fashionable… recycling!

As we have discussed many times on our blog and Are you R’s social channels, the fashion industry needs to and must prioritize sustainability! We can play a significant role as buyers by making conscious choices that can bring about a major change.

For instance, we can decide against supporting the fast fashion industry and instead choose brands that prioritize environmental sustainability in every aspect, including materials, production, transportation, and packaging. Sustainable fashion brands often pay attention to packaging reusability and proper recycling, promoting greater ecological awareness…while still being stylish!

Do you know the Apps the can help you recycle?

Digital technology can simplify our daily recycling routine. Today, we have access to numerous Apps that can guide us on how to properly manage and dispose of waste, locate nearby collection centers, and learn about our municipality’s specific guidelines for recycling.

If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating topic, we recommend checking out one of our latest articles on the role of Artificial Intelligence in recycling!

Change starts from our everyday actions. By adopting sustainable practices into our everyday lives, we can contribute to a future where plastic waste is no longer a problem, but is instead properly managed and disposed of. Committing to plastic recycling is a long-term resolution that we all have the opportunity and obligation to undertake for the planet.

Let us remember every decision we make has an impact. For this reason, as we enter the New Year, let us make a conscious effort to prioritize education, civic responsibility, and environmental awareness as fundamental elements of our daily routines!