10 Interior Design Products Made of Recycled Plastic

Interior design loves recycled plastic materials!

Purchasing decisions are increasingly often guided by sustainability, not only in terms of consumer products, but also anything involving your own house. We are living at a time of history when your house plays a main role in your daily life, where every room is essential to make you live at your best, both in terms of private and professional life.

Under this scenario, it is even more important to take care of such precious spaces by making more sustainable choices. Investing in recycled materials for furniture items becomes thus a great opportunity, both for buyers and designers & companies operating in this sector.

We collected 10 furniture products made of recycled plastics in our article.


This historic Italian design company makes use of recycled food packaging and PET bottles to manufacture sustainable furniture made entirely of recycled material – 50% from post-consumer waste and 50% from industrial waste. An example are chairs made of Recycled Gray, that is a material presenting a shade of gray that hides any potential imperfections due to the plastic recycling process, with an unparalleled final product value.


This very famous Swiss company made a series of products by recovering various plastic waste types – such as polypropylene, ABS, polyamide, polyethylene, ASA. Among these, the Tip Ton RE rocking chair too, which is already intended to become a design icon.


Adell – that’s the name of this soft, light, and unique armchair with embracing shapes that embellishes the rooms of your house while focusing on sustainability. It is indeed made of 80% recycled polypropylene.

Christian Fischbacher

This historic company from St. Gallen (Switzerland), which founded two centuries ago, is specialised in furniture luxury fabrics and has been pursuing the line of environmental responsibility for some time. For over a decade, it has been manufacturing BENU®Recycled fabrics and rugs from recycled PET, which have been awarded several times for their uniqueness and sustainable innovation.


Who doesn’t know the mythical Sacco armchair that made the furniture history since the 1960s? Today, this very revolutionary symbol is also available in a more sustainable version, that is  Sacco Goes Green – with an ECONYL® covering obtained from the recovery of fishing nets from the sea.


Made of recycled polypropylene from production waste of this famous company, Bell Chair is a tiny stackable armchair with nice and rounded shapes. It is available in different colours and, in turn, 100% recyclable – with a view to a perfect circular economy.


This company, which is specialised in design kitchen manufacturing, introduced an innovative covering among the available finishes: RESPET®. It was created in 2019 and obtained from 100% PET plastic bottle recycling.


Reworking one of the finest materials for flooring and covering of houses and exclusive locations? That’s possible with Rhinestone White from this company based in Rotterdam. It recalls the pattern of a typical Italian terrace with recycled and recyclable plastic material.


This company from Antwerp is specialised in kids’ furniture such as tables, tiny colourful chairs and suggestive lamps – all these products are made of Ecothylene® material from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.


We cannot fail to add Ikea to our list – the Sweden multinational company that furnishes houses worldwide and is ever more attentive to their own products’ sustainability. Among the various collections made of recycled materials, you will find the recent Musselblomma one, which is dedicated to tablecloths and furniture covers in marine motifs. Its fabrics are made of 100% recycled plastic waste recovered from the sea.

This is only a short overview of companies that decided to invest in plastic material recycling to send out an important signal and plan a greener future.

Environmental responsibility and potentially polluting waste reduction are also expressed through creativity and the making of aesthetically pleasant and easy-to-use products for our homes.