The importance of filtration systems in the extrusion process of recycled plastic material

The plastic recycling process is becoming increasingly important as a way of protecting the environment and reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and oceans. Plastic recycling begins with the collection, selection and subsequent sorting of waste, that is later transported to a recycling plant to be transformed into raw material for new products. A crucial phase in the recycling process is the extrusion of recycled plastic material, where filtration systems, such as screen changers, play a key role.

Filtration systems are used to remove impurities and contaminants from the recycled material after it has been processed by the extruder. They are essential in order to guarantee that the material is clean, suitable for a wide range of applications and compliant with the quality and safety standards required by the industries that use it.

In addition, filtration systems help improve the quality of recycled material. For example, by removing colors and smells that impregnate it, they allow to obtain a material of better quality and more suitable for specific applications. The result is a high-end recycled material with greater purity and stability. This is precisely the key to qualitative plastic recycling: recovering virgin material and processing it in such a way that the product, despite being recycled, retains the same physical and mechanical properties.

Filtration systems also allow the plastic material to be recovered and reused instead of having to be disposed of in landfills or incinerators, thus contributing to reduce the environmental impact. In addition, thanks to filtration systems, it is also possible to save on production costs.

These systems are therefore an important component of the extrusion process of recycled plastic material. They are essential to ensure that the recycled material is clean and suitable for use in a wide range of applications, to improve the quality of the recycled material and to help reduce environmental impact. They also allow to save on production costs and use less virgin raw materials. It is important to underline that the use of filtration systems of adequate quality is crucial to achieve the best results in the extrusion process of recycled plastic material. The purchase of quality machinery and regular maintenance are key factors to ensure that filtration systems work properly and last as long as possible.

The plastic recycling industry is constantly evolving and developing new technologies and methods to improve the quality of recycled material and render the extrusion process more efficient. When it comes to filtration systems, it is very important to choose components that guarantee that the physical properties of recycled polymers are preserved, as they may be subject to degradation or loss of their characteristics if not processed by filtration systems designed to ensure optimal rheological behavior. To this end, it becomes extremely important to design and properly develop the internal polymer transit geometries. BD Plast, for instance, has developed a wide range of screen changers that can process a wide range of polymers, ensuring the highest quality of both virgin and recycled material.

With a focus on the plastic recycling sector, BD Plast offers three lines of screen changers with different characteristics, designed to meet specific needs, but all oriented towards improving the qualitative recycling of polymers. It is with this in mind that CleanChanger© was designed, the only self-cleaning screen changer with automated extraction of the filter element housings, which recently obtained a patent for its innovative technology.

In conclusion, filtration systems and screen changers are an important and fundamental component of the recycled plastic extrusion process. They are essential to ensure that the recycled material is clean and suitable for a wide range of applications, reduce environmental impact and save on production costs. It is important to invest in quality machinery and perform regular maintenance to achieve the best results in the recycled material extrusion process.

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