Eco-friendly Halloween: recycling games and activities

Halloween is a highly celebrated holiday, particularly among children but also among many adults who are young at heart, and, at Are you R, we share this enthusiasm! However, we must take responsibility to ensure that the playful “trick or treat?” tradition does not result in the thoughtless littering of our surroundings.

Let’s enjoy Halloween as a valuable opportunity to teach children the importance of acting responsibly, reusing, and recycling!

Raising environmental awareness from a young age is crucial.

How can we make this entertaining and original? Well, for example, by showing them how commonly used products and materials can be upcycled into new objects. It does not only help to preserve the planet but also reduces waste.

In this article, we will explore fun games and activities that involve recycling materials with kids, introducing them to the fascinating world of plastic recycling!

DIY scary masks

Why not create costumes together with your children instead of buying pre-made ones? Online, you can find numerous tutorials, like this video, that explain how to make costumes by reusing everyday items and materials, including plastic bottles and cans.

It is not only a funny activity to do together, but it also stimulates the children’s “sustainable” creativity!

Treasure hunt with… “special” clues!

Weather permitting, you can organize an exceptional treasure hunt using recycled objects as clues.

Empty clear plastic bottles are perfect for hiding messages and riddles, while clean and colorful packaging can be transformed into pumpkins, monster containers, or creative candy jars.

Let’s encourage children to learn the importance of reusing products with creativity!

Ghost lanterns from plastic bottles

Transform a clear plastic bottle into a spooky ghost decoration by cutting off the bottom, painting it creatively, or decorating it with stickers or fabric. Add an LED light inside and you will be amazed by the result. You can create multiple ghosts and place them on balconies, terraces, or in the garden for a spooky effect!

A real haunted village made of cardboard and plastic boxes

For little architects and engineers!  They can transform cardboard boxes into spooky houses of a haunted village and use transparent plastic cut from packaging and bottles to create “ghostly” elements such as windows and doors.

Adding a few small LED lights can enhance the spooky atmosphere. And, just in case, make sure to lock the doors

“Trick or Treat?” Yes, but let’s keep sustainability in mind!

Trick-or-treating for candy is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated moments for children. But after all the treats have been unwrapped, let’s not forget to teach them about the importance of separate waste collection. You can make it fun by organizing a game to guess where the wrappers and packaging should be disposed of correctly. Nothing should be dumped in the environment, no matter how small it may be.

As we approach Halloween, let’s make a promise to each other. Let’s remember to prioritize sustainability and teach even the youngest children about the responsible use of materials. We can turn this beloved holiday into a fun and conscious moment.

Fun and sustainability can, and must, go hand in hand!

Now it’s time to prepare a good supply of sweets.

Hey, do you hear that? Someone’s knocking on the door… who could it be?!

Happy Halloween from the Are you R team!