How to celebrate a more sustainable Christmas

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most cherished holidays around the world. Yet, it is also the holiday when a significant amount of waste is produced. The figures speak for themselves: during the Christmas period, waste increases by 30%, a significant percentage, especially at this time in history, when concern about the environmental situation is increasingly felt.

It is therefore necessary to rethink our habits in order to make the festive season more eco-friendly, while also rediscovering the more intimate and profound meaning that Christmas brings.

We collected in this article some useful tips that we can easily put into practice – because, with everyone’s commitment, a different Christmas is possible.

Eco-friendly gifts

The best gifts should be given with the heart, of course… but also with the head! It is not enough to choose a gift ‘that pleases’ the recipient – it is also important to assess the impact it can have on the environment. An assessment that should be made from every point of view: production, packaging, transport (also in terms of CO2), and last but not least, usefulness. A gift, in fact, should be useful to those who receive it, so that it does not risk ending up forgotten at the bottom of a cupboard. This is also what being sustainable means!

Eco-friendly decorations with reuse

Decorating your house for the holidays, filling it with the unique atmosphere that only Christmas can provide, is a magical moment. What if instead of buying new decorations, you try to make them with your own hands, perhaps reusing materials and products you already have?

In this article, we told you how to make beautiful decorations by creatively recycling plastic bottles! Have fun doing it with your kids, it will be a fun adventure for them, and you will have the chance to pass on a valuable lesson such as respect for the environment right away.

Watchword: no waste!

The Christmas season is all too often synonymous with waste, particularly of foodstuffs, a bad habit that absolutely must be curbed. A few little tricks can help you. If you organise the party yourself, try to buy what is really necessary, calculating quantities according to the number of guests, and favouring food that can be stored for a few days longer in suitable containers.

Not wasting also means paying more attention to the gift packages you prepare – little packages under the tree are beautiful to see – and to unwrap! – but let’s remember to reduce packaging materials as much as possible, opting for reusable or easily recyclable packaging.

Disposing waste carefully

Christmas lunches and family dinners are an important time. We can finally be together more serenely, especially after these difficult pandemic years, which have certainly made relationships and encounters more complex. Remember, however, that sustainability starts at home.

Whether food packaging or gift wrapping, the imperative is one: dispose it properly! Take a few precious minutes to collect waste and sort it according to the rules of your municipality, perhaps together with your youngest guests, making them understand the great importance of recycling.

The environment will thank you, and you’ll have tidied all up… at least until the next party!

Turning good intentions into concrete goals

The end of the year, you know, means good resolutions… but how many of them do you actually keep?

In these last days of 2022, try to set yourself a different goal. Ask yourself this simple, yet powerful question: how can I help the environment and choose more sustainable habits in my everyday life?

Even a small action can help to do big things! Some example?

  • Leave your car home whenever possible and walk more.
  • When decluttering your wardrobe, take your clothes to a specialised textile waste collection centre.
  • Get always informed about the products you buy, choosing more environmentally friendly production chains.
  • Reuse more and better, to reduce the superfluous.
  • Take an objective look at all materials, their production and recycling… perhaps by following Are you R’s advice!

Now it’s your turn!

It only remains for us to wish you a wonderful Christmas, one that is more sustainable and respectful of the environment that hosts us and gives us so much every day. For all of us at Are you R, this is surely one of the most precious gifts.