Recycling practices should never take a holiday!

Now that summer has come, and the warmth with it, for many people it is time for a few days of well-deserved rest. But don’t forget that recycling practices, unlike us, should never take a holiday! Especially at this time of the year, when waste production, in particular in tourist spots, is likely to increase

No matter where we are, the waste we produce must always be disposed of properly, according to local rules in order to facilitate the recycling process. We must never forget to respect the environment and do our best to preserve the beautiful nature of the places we visit!

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your summer and become an environmentally conscious traveler, whose responsibility is to make a positive impact on the environment.

Take your rubbish “home”

Do you like hiking and walking in nature? Don’t forget to take some small bags with you. This will help you separate the waste you produce during the day, especially if there are no waste bins in the area. Once you are back home, you can easily put it into the correct recycling bin.

And remember: it is often to lighter and smaller waste, like candy and ice cream wrappers, and small food packaging, that we pay less attention. As a consequence, it ends up polluting our natural environment. Put it “in your pocket” and recycle it correctly!

Inform yourself on institutional websites

In Italy – and in Europe in general – the rates of separate waste collection are very high, which demonstrates the citizens great commitment. However, we must never forget to act with awareness and consideration for the environment, whether at home or on holiday, while relaxing and enjoying ourselves, or exploring new places and countries with eyes full of wonder.

When we are on holiday, we should read carefully the local instructions on separate waste collection to avoid making mistakes! We can also find useful information on the institutional website of the municipality we are visiting.

Activate your “bin radar”!

Do you think you don’t have it? You couldn’t be more mistaken! 😉

When you get to a new place, such as a beach or a green area, make sure, before eating food, having a picnic or enjoying an ice cream by the sea, that there are recycling bins nearby.

This will help you dispose right away of the waste you produce, without the risk of it ending up in the natural environment. Sometimes, because of a simple distraction we forget it, and all it takes to scatter wrappers, papers and packaging is just a gust of wind.

Join cleanup initiatives

Clean-up projects for tourists are becoming increasingly popular. Find out if there are any local associations that organize cleanups in the area you are visiting and get involved! It is not only a good way to help the environment, which will make you feel extremely rewarded, but also an opportunity to meet new people who care about sustainability, just like you. You can also bring your family and friends: unity is strength, especially on these occasions, and it adds to the fun!

Not sure where to find out more about these projects? Try online: Cleanup Italia, for example, is a network that brings together groups of citizens who are committed to cleaning up the environment from carelessly dumped waste. But there are plenty of initiatives all over the world!

Get the little ones involved

Are You R we will never stop reminding everyone that environmental education begins at a very young age! And summer holidays are perfect to teach children how to take care of the environment, while having fun!

Get them involved in the collection of the waste produced during the day and teach them right from the start where and how it should be collected as well as all good recycling practices.

Thanks to these simple tips, summer can become sustainability season. All it takes is a bit of respect, responsibility and commitment from each of us when going on holiday!