Books on recycling, sustainability, ecology

It’s time for summer reading! Why not take the opportunity to take time to think thanks to a good book?

In this article we recommend a few titles that explore the themes so dear to Are you R, such as recycling, environment, sustainability, ecology.

Whether you are in the mountains looking for the cooler weather, under the umbrella enjoying the sea, or why not on the restful couch at home, we hope these tips can lead you to be more aware of topics that are needed now more than ever.

And there is room for the little ones too!

Greenwash: The Reality Behind Corporate Environmentalism

Jed Greer & K. Bruno

Greenwashing is an increasingly topical issue, which we also covered in this article. How much of the sustainability claimed by companies answers the truth, and how much is the result of mere marketing actions? This interesting text, provides a comprehensive overview of multinational corporations in the global economy and their real impact on the environment. It also provides an examination of how well the actions of these companies actually comply with what has been declared, starting precisely with the environmental claims of companies in the chemical, energy, logging and fishing sectors.

Plastic recycling. The economic impact of the Italian independent plastic recycling supply chain.

Matthias Cai and G. Dominic Savio (in Italian)

Plastics are present in a vast amount of everyday products, especially in packaging, food and non-food. This text takes an in-depth look at the recovery and recycling of plastic materials, and how these can help to enhance the value of waste by turning it into a valuable resource. This is the first study devoted comprehensively to this fundamental topic, which is treated from all points of view: from economic and environmental to operational aspects, from the composition and types of polymers to labor and employment aspects, and to the concrete results of recycling itself. The book also presents an excursus on the main issues that those working in the recycling supply chain face on a daily basis, analyzing the fundamental contribution made by technological innovation.

Ecological intelligence

Daniel Goleman

How can our daily habits have a positive impact on the environment? This text by Daniel Goleman – a leading expert on emotional intelligence – tries to provide us with some useful answers. Everything we buy has an impact, greater or lesser, on the planet. To understand and evaluate it properly, we need as transparent information as possible. We can all make a difference by developing our intelligence and refining ecological thinking to care more about the environment.

Understanding plastics recycling: Economic, Ecological, and Technical Aspects of Plastic Waste Handling


This book shows the concrete and often underestimated market potential of plastic recycling, with effective analysis from economic, ecological and technical perspectives. Different methods of plastic waste management and recycling are compared, presenting strategies and new approaches useful for both increasing the recycling rate and improving it technologically and economically.

The sustainable home. Tips, suggestions, and practical examples to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle

Christine Liu

Our home is the environment we spend the most time in. That’s why it is essential to make it as sustainable as possible, with less impact. This book guides us in a practical way to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, reviewing all the main rooms in the home: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. There are many ways and different possibilities to make a difference, benefiting both us and the planet!

The environmental awareness book

Roberto Sorgo (in Italian)

Ecology is a vast subject that requires time and expertise, as well as correct and objective information, to be properly explored. This useful book helps us to do so in a practical and simple way, analyzing more than 90 fundamental concepts with diagrams, tables and pictures, which allow us to drop the subject into everyday life, to better understand even the most complex concepts and memorize them easily. This volume is dedicated to the curious, as well as to enthusiasts, students of the subject and all those who wish to have useful and concrete insights into a topic that is indispensable today.

Plastic Soup World Atlas

Michiel Roscam Abbing

More than just a book, it is a small work of art enriched with illustrations and extraordinary photographs. In the first part, the book examines the various factors that have made plastic waste polluting, leading to the environmental emergency we all experience on a daily basis. In the second part, the book gives an effective review of possible solutions put in place, such as the most current systems for recovering and collecting plastic waste, up to recycling. The problem “needs to be addressed by moving from a linear economy based on single-use and waste to a circular one focused on recycling, reuse, and resource enhancement.”

 Books for the little ones!

We conclude our brief review with books dedicated to our children. Because it is good to start early on to convey the importance of respect for the environment and recycling!

The secrets of plastics

Lizzie Cope & Matthew Oldham

Why has this widespread and useful material become an emergency for the planet? And what can we do to help? A small volume that tells in a simple way what plastic is, its history and how many types exist.


Lorna Freytag

A tiny book that teaches why recycling is important and how you can start caring for the environment from a very young age. The book is made of environmentally friendly paper from FSC-certified forest wood; text and illustrations are also printed with 100% vegetable soy ink.

The recycling kingdom – audiobook

Nonna Catia (in Italian)

An eco-friendly fairy tale for children about how a country can be transformed from an environmentally unfriendly country to a virtuous place through the circular economy. The book is accompanied by many drawings and colorful plates that explain recycling to children in a very simple way.

All we can do now is wish you happy reading! And remember to let us know if any of these books have kept you company 🙂 🙂