When plastic recycling helps the sea

Beautiful seaside resorts are a favourite destination during the summer period. Yet, it is precisely during the most beautiful season that the risk of pollution increases due to the incivility of some consumers.

Some 8 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year. A worrying figure that requires immediate action by everyone.

According to WWF, it is necessary to improve waste management, increase plastic recycling and expand the market for secondary materials.

All actors involved in the plastics economy, from production to end-of-life management, must be aligned with the common goal of ending the dispersion of plastics in nature and in the sea.

Today, recovering marine plastics through recycling is a fact thanks to the increasing number of projects that recover and recycle plastic waste from the oceans to make beautiful and useful products, helping to preserve the health of the sea.

We’ll tell you about some of them in our article!

A 3D-dress collection

Gorgeous 3D-dresses made from recycled plastic from the sea. This is the idea behind Roots of Rebirth, a haute couture collection by designer Iris van Herper. A concentrate of innovation, creativity and stunning design, created in collaboration with the association Parley for the Oceans, whose aim is to raise awareness of ocean pollution.

Design that loves the Oceans

An iconic collection that has a name as evocative as it is significant: in fact, the recycled plastic design furniture series proposed by Mater is called Ocean. Created in 1955 and now renewed in a sustainable key, it consists of chairs, benches and tables made by reusing marine plastic waste and fishing nets.

Green smartphone cases

Wake is a range of smartphone cases made from as much as 85% plastic waste collected from the sea, such as ropes and nets. Resistant, beautiful, practical and with a sinuous design that recalls the shape of waves, the case reminds you every day to protect the environment, as well as your phone. Because even a small gesture can make a difference.

Sneakers helping the environment

It is from today that we can start shaping the future of the planet. This is the starting point for the Adidas x Parley trainer collection, whose mission is to help reduce the pollution caused by plastic waste in the sea. Each pair of shoes is made from at least 75% recovered plastic before it ends up polluting waters.

Useful and sustainable everyday items

Change is possible even in everyday products such as containers, brooms, dustpans, buckets, boxes, drying racks, and waste bags. This is proved by the historic Portuguese company Fapil, which has designed an entire line of household items with at least 20 per cent recycled plastic recovered from the sea, plus other recycled materials that reduce the use of virgin material for manufacture to almost zero.

“From the sea, for the sea.”

Holidays are a time for well-deserved rest and enjoyment, and it is your duty to take care of the beautiful landscapes that generously welcome you.

We must all play our part to continue to dispose of plastic waste correctly.  

Let’s not forget that!